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About us

About Us


At Dettali Décor, we understand how precious your time is. Our in-house team is very particular about projects that we take up, and the timelines that we commit. Our project management team works overtime to ensure that project deadlines are met, and even where there are unfortunate delays due to any reason beyond our control, ‘on-the-go’ PIP modification methodology ensures that corrective action is taken. Most times, delays that could potentially affect deadlines are anticipated well before time, and additional resources are allocated to minimize or neutralize any delays. We understand that quality is not only about the finishes and products, and our team works under the motto that defines our business philosophy ‘On Time, Every-time’. At Dettali Décor, we are selective about the projects that we undertake, and since we realize that each of our work must be a work of art, we must sometimes refuse projects, which do not meet our exacting standards of quality and finishes, or where we cannot deploy the resources due to other prior commitments undertaken by the company.

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